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Fanfare Magazine: 40:4 (03-04/2017)
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Harmonia Mundi

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Reviewer: George Chien

This is a welcome reissue of a recording that I reviewed favorably in Fanfare 33:1. At the time I rated this disc “near, if not at, the top of my list” of favored versions of Bach’s alto cantatas, and I have no reason to alter that assessment. Unfortunately—or not—Bach left four alto cantatas, one too many to fit on a single CD. (The other is BWV 54.) So you have to buy at least two discs to get them all, and why is that a bad thing?

My case for this release was that Fink “brings to these cantatas a keen sensitivity and a seemingly effortless technique. Fink’s voice is not as sumptuous as [Monica] Groop’s [on Finlandia], but it is no less alluring. Fink’s singing is, in a word, superb.” It’s still true. The Argentine alto is backed by the outstanding Freiberg Barockorchester, led from the first desk by Petra Müllejans, and its excellent organist, Wolfgang Zerer. Very warmly recommended.
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