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American Record Guide: (07-08 / 2017) 
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Reviewer: Peter Loewen

This program includes several unpublished trio sonatas from the famous Düben Collection, now in the Uppsala University Library in Sweden. The sonatas in A, G, D, and B-flat are late works of Dietrich Buxtehude. There is another Sonata in D by Dietrich Becker, a contemporary of Buxtehude. The anonymous D minor Viol Sonata comes from the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Two of the six sonatas on the program bear the names of dance movements, which suggests the influence of Corelli’s chamber sonatas. Buxtehude’s Sonata in A is quite a virtuosic piece, making equal demands of both the violin (Stephan Dudermel) and bass viol (Florence Bolton); the level of skill among the musicians Buxtehude had to work with in Lübeck must have been high. A series of variations on an ostinato figures prominently in the closing Passacaglia movement, again showing technical demands—multi-stopped strings in this case. The prominence of ostinato movements in three of the sonatas that follow shows just how common it was to include a movement that suggested the practice of improvisation, even in composed music. The Chaconne in Becker’s Sonata and Suite in D is laced with quick passages for the violin and viol. The anonymous sonata in D minor for ‘Ivioldigamb’—according to Bolton probably for a large viol such as a G violone, bass viol, or cello—concludes with a virtuosic Passacaglia. And then the Sonata in G from Buxtehude’s Op. 2 has a gorgeous Passacaglia for violin and bass viol in the third movement. The way he has the violin and bass viol weave their parts


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