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American Record Guide: (07/2017) 
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Reviewer: Tom Moore


Some instruments have immense repertoires, so vast that a whole lifetime would not be enough to even read through everything; and some have repertoires small enough that one can grasp them in a few years. And then there are instruments with immense repertoires that have been forgotten. If you happen to develop your skills on an instrument that is not the piano, the violin, the flute, the guitar, but the recorder, or the cello, or the gamba, you must develop concomitant skills on the size of the repertory you can share with your listeners (case in point: Jordi Savall). The somewhat porous world of Celtic traditional music is often appealing in this respect. It was and is often played by the violin (fiddle), and also the tranverse flute, both now and in the 18th and 19th centuries; and probably very rarely by the recorder or the cello. Bruno Cocset offers a well-filled selection of baroque-period arrangements of Celtic material, principally by Francesco Geminiani and James Oswald, for solo “viola” (not da braccio), and continuo. (Savall released his own Celtic disc back in 2009, with little overlap with this program.)

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