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Reviewer: Catherine Moore

This fine music for 1, 2, or 3 solo voices with basso continuo comes from three collections by Giovanni Felice Sances (c 1600-79). Scherzi Musicali’s nine singers and players once again demonstrate their inventiveness. Strong vocal acting is paired with a rich and varied complement of instruments: harp, lirone, bass viol, chitarrones, guitars, harpsichord and organ combine to express poetry and music full of drama, tenderness, anger, longing, cruelty, and deception.

One example of all these emotions is L’Infortunio D’Angelica, a miniature drama where the maiden Angelica, the hero Ruggiero, and the Narrator describe rescue from a monster’s clutches, a winged stallion, a magic invisibility ring, a plea to remain chaste, and a spurned lover chafing with indignation. Other reflections on the many facets of love include slow and heartfelt singing in ‘Misera, Hor Si Ch’Il Pianto’ (soprano solo); suave and courtly allure in ‘Occhi, Sfere Vivaci’ (tenor, baritone); and refined delicacy in ‘Dove N’Andro Che Non Mi Segua Amor?’ (soprano).

The pieces are very well chosen and sequenced. One editing suggestion would be to lengthen the track breaks before and after the 19-minute Infortunio d’Angelica to set it apart from the shorter pieces. Two instrumental pieces by Girolamo Viviani and Salomone Rossi round out the program. Ardella Crawford and I have praised previous Scherzi Musicali recordings of Purcell (Alpha 192, J/F 2014), Bertali (Ricercar 367, N/D 2016), and Fiocco (Musique En Wallonie
1682, J/A 2017). Notes, texts, translations.

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