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Reviewer: Peter Loewen

Zelenka’s trio sonatas are standard repertory for bassoon and oboe players nowadays. Disc 1 includes sonatas: 1 in F, 2 in G minor, and 3 in B-flat. Disc 2 continues with No. 4 in G minor, 5 in F, and 6 in C minor. No. 3 is for violin and oboe; the rest are for oboes and continuo. Students will have cut their teeth on most if not all of them by the time they graduate from the conservatory. Given Zelenka’s prodigious talent, and the fact that he composed these sonatas in Dresden for musicians at the court of Saxony, one may rest assured that they reflect the very pinnacle of virtuosity in the mid-18th Century.The sonatas all seem demanding, though musicians will surely have their favorites. They are full of exciting passagework, some with unexpected harmonic or melodic turns, and exquisite moments of expression. Depending on the tempo, fast movements can come across as virtuosic show pieces. The Allegro of Sonata 3 has an unusually busy bassoon part, which Mor Biron handles with ease. The expressive power in slow movements stems from the wonderful suspensions between oboes Dominik Wollenweber and Vilem Veverka). If I were to single out one for its beauty, it  would be the Adagio of No. 4, which delights in clashing suspensions while the bassoon performs a relentlessly arpeggiated accompaniment of dotted rhythms. Notes are in English.

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