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Francesco Landini: L’Occhio del Cor Product Image

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Reviewer: Catherine Moore

The striking CD cover art looks modern: strong angular lines show parts of two faces (male and female) fused at the lips but with eyes not locked together. The image perfectly captures the theme of the Lover’s gaze being desired, indirect, craved, denied. This theme recurs in several of the Landini pieces here, and in fact the image is a very small detail taken from a fresco that predates this 14th-Century composer. The fresco, by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, was painted 1303-1305.

La Reverdie’s five singer-instrumentalists are skilled and sensitive interpreters of this courtly music, and their fine expressions of stylized grief and torment  e embody the tensions in restrained etiquette and fettered passion. For example, the sweetness of longing is palpable in ‘L’Alma Mie Piang’e Mai Non Puo Aver Pace’ (three female singers with no instruments); robust fervent demands come through in the plea for the Beloved to turn “una volta”—just once—and reward the loyal servant with a look (in ‘Guarda Una Volta Incia Verso ‘L Tuo Servo’); and alluring dance figures animate ‘Per Un Amante Rio Tal Pena Sento’ (3 singers, harp, recorder, vielle, organetto).In the hands of expert player Christophe Deslignes, the lap-held and hand-pumped organetto breathes like a singer or wind player. Musical phrasing, subtle volume changes, and timbres of attack and delay are achieved by varying wind pressure on the bellows and touch on the keys.

Notes, texts, translations.

I had high praise for a reissue of two other programs by La Reverdie (Arcana 379, J/A 2015: 203).

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