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Reviewer: Joseph Magil

Gottfried Finger (1655-1730) was a Moravian who played both the viol and the trumpet. In 1685 he decided to try his luck in London. He worked there as a freelancer until 1701, when he lost a music competition and left the country in disgust. While he lived in England he was a leading light of the music scene and advanced music technically and stylistically. The sonatas presented here are from a manuscript in the British Library and are quite adventurous for their era. I find this set pleasant to listen to, but I wish that violinist Hazel Brooks played with a bit more fire and bite and that they had included a cello or viol to reinforce the bass when David Pollock plays the harpsichord. He does an excellent job in the keyboard parts, which I presume he had to realize from figured bass. Brooks is a period performance practitioner, so vibrato is scarce and narrow. He plays a violin by the 18th Century Viennese maker Johann Georg Thir. Pollock’s harpsichord is a replica of a double-manual Ruckers-Hemsch instrument (1636/1763) by Anne and Ian Tucker. He plays a continuo organ made by Henk Klop in 2007. Good sound as usual from Chandos.

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