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American Record Guide: (01/2020) 
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Reviewer: Peter Loewen

Among the papers in Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s estate is a manuscript containing what appears to be a pastiche Passion Oratorio drawn from the works of at least three composers: Telemann, JS Bach, and Graun. Andreas Glöckner spends most of his notes sorting out the nature of the borrowings and the occasion for its original performance. He argues that it might have once formed part of JS Bach’s performance repertory in Leipzig. Regardless of the original circumstances of its performance, or whose idea it was to create this pastiche, the results are pleasing—and beautifully performed.


The core of the work is Graun’s Passion Oratorio Ein Lämmlein Geht und Trägt die Schuld. To this were added an opening chorus with bass solo, ‘Wer ist der, so von Edom Kömmt’, and the chorale ‘Christus, der uns Selig Macht’ by Telemann. Most of the recitatives, arias, and choral movements that follow are by Graun, except for a chorus and recitative securely attributed to JS Bach: ‘Herr Jesu Christ, Wahr’ Mensch und Gott’ and ‘So Heb Ich den Mein Auge Sehnlich Auf’. Several other movements bear the impress of JS  Bach’s style but the attribution is not secure.


The results are gorgeous. Texts and notes are in English.

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