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American Record Guide: (05/2020) 
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Reviewer: Bradley Lehman


Levin sets a firm and reasonable dance tempo for each movement and then plays with simple articulations and dynamics (having no elaborate premeditated schemes like Angela Hewitt, J/F 2020). Preserving the meter and harmonic progressions, he improvises very freely in the repeats, and he adds cadenzas in most of the opening movements. The improvisations don’t sound like typical half-hearted pianistic graffiti, but they go much further melodically. Such spontaneity was missing from Hewitt. Levin has been improvising in Bach’s and later music for more than 30 years, and it shows. This set would have fit onto two discs, but that would have required a different sequence of pieces. Partita 6 is on a disc by itself. Levin includes an alternate reading of Partita 3’s Gigue and different rhythmic interpretations of two of the movements from Partita 6. The intelligence and freedom make this set easy to recommend.


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