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American Record Guide: (01/2020) 
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Josquin des Prés: Missa mater Patris & Noel Bauldeweyn: Missa Da pacem Product Image

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Reviewer: Charles Brewer

This is the penultimate volume in this group’s series of recordings of Masses by Josquin Des Prez; it is probably also the most controversial. The quality of performance is not in question; it matches the high standards of all the earlier recordings in the series. The controversy relates to doubts about Josquin’s authorship. The current opinion is that the Mater Patris Mass is most likely by Josquin, but unusual in style; but the Da Pacem Mass was composed by the lesser-known Noel Bauldeweyn (fl.1509-13). Both works, probably owing to the questions of attribution, have rarely been recorded (M/A 1993 & S/O 1996).

Phillips acknowledges in the extensive booklet essay that a major reason for this new recording is not to solve the question but to at least supply the sonic evidence for deeper discussions of these two Masses. Both are fascinating in different ways, and the interpretation makes strong cases for their importance even if the name of “Josquin” might no longer be attached to them. 



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