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Graupner : Cantates de la Passion, vol. 3. Ex Tempore, Heyerick.

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Reviewer: Peter Loewen

The program includes three passion cantatas on texts by the theologian Johann Conrad Lichtenberg. Unlike JS Bach’s Passions, these are not oratorios, which unfold as a sequence of recitatives, arias, and choral movements that tell the story of Christ’s final struggle. Rather, Lichten-berg’s passions are didactic meditations on the meaning behind the scriptural events. Beate Sorg notes that in the Lutheran tradition, passion cantatas of this fashion were often performed on the Sundays of Lent, some of them in sequence on a single day. That is probably how Graupner’s passion cantatas were first heard in Darmstadt.


The first cantata, recorded here for the first time, is titled according to its content and introductory place in the sequence of cantatas. Kommt, Seelen, Seid in Andacht Stille—Die Erbauliche Anschickung Unsers Erlösers zue Seinem Letzten Leiden gives the first line of the opening chorus and states the cantata’s purpose to edify and prepare for the Redeemer’s final suffering. The tone of the music here is appropriately lamenting. Graupner strikes a more dramatic tone in Sie Rüsten Sich Wider Die Seele, perhaps because it meditates on the false accusations and unfair condemnation of Christ. Agitated rhythms, emphatic dynamic shifts, and angular melodies attend each of its parts. For example the da capo aria ‘Jesu Wird der Stab Gebrochen’ begins as a gentle lament for

soprano but turns into a rant in the B section. The third and final cantata Jesus, Auf Dass er Heiligte das Volk concerns Christ’s lament on Golgotha. As  expected, the music is filled with laments. The aria ‘Ach, Sauer Gang’ stands as a striking example. Graupner gives Christ sustained pitches to sing as he calls sinners to his wide embrace. Because there is more than one soloist listed for each vocal part, it is unclear who is singing which recitative or aria. Texts and notes are in English.

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