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American Record Guide: (03/2020) 
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Reviewer: Bradley Lehman

Hewitt first recorded these long and complicated suites in 1996-97 (Hyperion, not reviewed). For this remake in December 2018 she wanted to document her newer understandings of the music after 20 years of performing it, and to show off the tonal effects she can get from her Fazioli piano. Further, this new set is a concert souvenir to sell in her world tour with all of Bach’s keyboard music, 2016-2020. She recycled her program notes from 1997, adding only five new paragraphs. The new performance is rich with the kinds of nuances that work well in big concert halls. Before this assignment I hadn’t given close attention to her older recording, but now I prefer it. She brought more singing tone to her left-hand parts back then, treating them more as melodies. Her interpreta-tion was simpler and more intimate. In the new recording she plays a loud and too consistent staccato bass, not giving much harmonic support to the right-hand I’d rather hear grace than showmanship in these pieces; they were written for  clavichord or harpsichord, not pianos playing to the balconies of big rooms. Yes, this was Bach’s big splash in the music world, publishing these pieces as his Opus 1 at his own expense. Still, it was primarily music for connoisseurs to enjoy and study at home, not to hear in public concerts. Listening to Hewitt I don’t feel emotions arising from the music. I hear careful preparation to keep anything from going wrong. I yearn for more irregularity and spontaneity. Some of her sarabandes are slower and more precious than necessary, but everything else is moderate in both recordings. At least she is reliable and consistently interesting.

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