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Reviewer: David W. Moore

This is a difficult project to document. Giuseppe Maria Clemente Ferdinando Baron Dall'Abaco was born in Brussels in 1710 and died in Verona in 1805. He was the son of Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco, also a well–known composer. According to Elinor Frey's detailed liner notes, he wrote 35 cello sonatas, one of which is usually considered to have been written by Sammartini. She plays that one here, though in a somewhat different version than what is usually heard. She is working on bringing them all out into the sunshine, and here they begin! They will be published this year, and perhaps she will record them all as well. I hope she does, since she is a fine, well–known cellist and plays them with enthusiasm and collaborates effectively with her colleagues here.

The style of Dall'Abaco is late baroque going into rococo. It is virtuosic and full of variety in scoring as well as style. Of the sonatas included here, we have two with numbers attached, 7 in C and 8 in G. The others are in A, C minor, and D minor. They are all well worth hearing.


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