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American Record Guide: (09-10/2020) 
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Reviewer: David W. Moore

"Badinages" is this program's title. Besides the two suites, we have from his Suite 6 'La Biscayenne'; from Book 2 'Les Voix Humaines' and 'Chaconne et Rondeau'; from Suite d'un Gout Étranger we have 'Fête Champêtre', Caprice ou Sonate, Arabesque, and Le Badinage.

We still end up hearing less than an hour of his fine music. Also, though Corriveau plays well, her style is less satisfactory than some. Almost every note is played with a crescendo and increasing vibrato. Neither of these styles really suit Marais. His dates are 1656-1728, and that puts him quite a bit back from Bach. I like him smoother and moving along with a bit less emphasis on each note so the phrasing can follow through without stopping so much. She plays the notes in tune, and her comrade is also excellent. My preference in this repertoire is Jordi Savall. He does much more of it on his AliaVox album 9872 (July/ Aug 2011).

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