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American Record Guide: (03/2021) 
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Reviewer: Bradley Lehman

The three most substantial of Bach’s own pieces are the Capriccio in B-flat, S 992, French Suite 4, and the Praeludium, Fugue, and Allegro, S 998. This last piece is only loosely connected to the rest of the program. It is a much later piece (1739), but may have been used to teach musical style to some of Bach’s youngest children. I don’t care that this contrived connection is an anomaly, because the performance, intonation, and tone are all so good. I’d want this recording of it, no matter what the rest of the program is. Corti includes a partly improvised prelude (S 815a) for the French Suite 4. He plays an earlier manuscript version of the suite, and he elaborates it freely in the repeats. It sounds like spontaneous music flowing out of him. Kuhnau’s piece is the Biblical Sonata about King Hezekiah. Telemann’s is a keyboard arrangement of one of his orchestral suites (ouvertures). Three of the 12 movements are omitted. Corti did record the whole suite, but the resulting program ended up too long to fit onto a single CD. Purchasers of a download version can get all of it, as the missing movements (a total of five minutes) are edited into the tracks at the ends of other movements. That odd compromise is the only mark against this fabulous program.

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