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GRAMOPHONE (07/2021)
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Reviewer: David Fallows

Twelve years ago the group Capilla Flamenca, under the late and much-lamented Dirk Snellings, produced a marve the bundles of fragments that are the few survivals of Dutch music from the late 14th century: ‘En un gardin’ (Musique en Wallonie, 12/09). Now a new group, Diskantores, originating at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague under the energetic Niels Berentsen, offers what may be seen as a complementary disc, containing much of the remaining music among these fragments. Some of the pieces sound very odd indeed, often using the critical edition established in 1985, but many of the others are newly reconstructed, partly by Berentsen, partly by the scholar Eliane Fankhauser. Of these, Een cleyn parabel is particularly successful, as is the Gloria jubilacio of Hubertus de Salinis.

The new group differs from most others in having only solo voices, two contratenors and two tenors, with no instruments mixed in. To my ears, this is extremely good, though with a few plausible roughnesses at the edges – particularly in their riotous concluding song, Ho, ho, ho: Faites chi verser. But instrumental music is included here, with Jacques Meegens playing on the recently reconstructed Van Straten organ in the Amsterdam Orgelpark. Particularly convincing is his version of the piece Empris domoyrs from the fragment in Groningen.

Quite how the disc was organised is unclear to me, but the outcome is a marvellously varied programme.



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