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GRAMOPHONE (11/2021)
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Reviewer: David Fallows

This would be a terrific Christmas present for your Josquin-fan friend.

Not only are the performances all on an extremely high level but there are quite a lot of pieces here that you cannot otherwise hear. Among them is his most widely distributed song, Plus nulz regretz, to mark the celebrations of the Peace of Calais at Mechelen on January 1, 1508, here performed for the first time with (what I consider) its only possible correct form; and a glorious and joyous experience it is. There is also a first recording of Tant vous aimme, with its bassus voice reconstructed by me (not credited, but that’s probably my fault for not being clear enough in the edition). We also have the very rarely heard Guillaume se va chauffer and the revised New Josquin Edition version of El grillo – one of his most popular pieces but never before recorded in that form. Also the inexplicably rarely recorded motet Ecce tu pulchra es.

Thélème sing everything with four adult male voices, occasionally helped by a lute. Just for his lament for Ockeghem, Nymphes des bois, they augment it to seven singers, again with glorious results. But just for a bit of fun they have also used modern instruments: an ondes martenot, a Fender Rhodes and a Buchla synthesiser. Wisely they have adopted that silliness only for the best-known and most often-recorded pieces: La Bernardina sounding absolutely delicious on ondes martenot, Mille regretz totally shredded with the help of the Fender Rhodes, Adieu mes amours and Bergerette savoisienne with lute and ondes martenot. The only self-indulgence is that the longest track is an improvisation on the Buchla synthesiser.


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