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GRAMOPHONE (06/2010)
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Harmonia Mundi

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0794881943821 (ID036)
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Reviewer: Duncan Druce
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Isabelle Faust's bold approach to Bach is captivating ...


Isabelle Faust, ..., aims at the most vivid presentation. Like Alina Ibragimova (Hyperion, 11/09) she uses little vibrato and employs the detailed marking of slurs in Bach's autograph as a guide to phrasing and accentuation. But whereas Ibragimova's performances are notable for their delicacy and intimate scale, Faust is bolder and more outgoing, introducing imaginative ornamentation into repeated sections. Quite often her playing allows a generous measure of rhythmic freedom - as in the Second Partita's Sarabande, for example; at other times she's concerned to maintain a strong momentum. The Chaconne is the most notable example of this: in her hands it sounds like the representation of a vast procession, moving forward inexorably.

The Third Partita's Prelude has a similar onward drive that's in no way mechanical -constantly varied bow strokes express perfectly the changes in harmonic speed and fluctuation of intensity.

In short: Isabelle Faust has a magnificent grasp of this music. Hear her if you can!


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