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  41:4 (03-04 /2018)
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Reviewer: James A. Altena

Back in 39:5 I reviewed a CPO disc of this same repertoire as played by the recorder consort Boreas Quartett Bremen with Han Tol, while in 38:5 colleague Barry Brenesal gave a warm welcome to a release by the viol consort Spirit of Gambo on Musica Ficta. Since the two of us pretty thoroughly covered the biographical and musical background there, I will refer readers of these lines to the Fanfare Archive for that and cut to the chase. To the 29 selections on those two previous releases—21 In Nomines and eight arrangements of choral motets—Phantasm adds two more transcriptions: Dum transisset Sabbatum IV and Sit fast. As always with this ensemble, the playing is immaculate, lively, and inspired; the release is granted ideal recorded sound and lavish booklet notes. In my previous review, I rated a choice between the recorder and viol ensembles a toss-up according to instrumental taste; while that still holds true, on the viol side Phantasm now clearly takes precedence over Spirit of Gambo for instrumental polish as well as two bonus tracks. Lovers of viol consort music should make this, as well as the new Orlando Gibbons release I review elsewhere in this issue, a priority acquisition; enthusiastically recommended.

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