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American Record Guide: (01/2018) 
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Reviewer: Peter Loewen

The concept for this recording is nearly as experimental as its repertory. At one level, it is a program of 14th Century French songs that concern the subject of smoke, “fumee”. At a more esoteric level, the program explores the medieval French concept of “fumee”, through the performance of atmospheric, avant-garde impressions. These are titled ‘Haze’, ‘Ephemeral’, ‘Emanation’, ‘Exhalation’, and ‘Perfume’, as though they were elaborating on ideas in the texts of the songs that precede and follow them. The composers are well known—Jacques Solage, Baude Cordier, and Johannes Ciconia—and the two rondeaus ‘Fumeaux fume par fumee’ and ‘Tout par compas’ by Solage and Cordier are quite famous. The ensemble Santenay performs them sensitively, sometimes instrumentally by Elodie Wiemer (recorder) with Szilard Chereji and Ori Marmelin on vielle and lute. Some songs are sung by Julla von Landsberg as accompanied vocal pieces, often with muted timbres and inarticulate rhythms to match the songs’ “smoky” subject matter. Texts and notes are in English.

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