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Early Music Today (12//2015 -02/2015)

Harmonia Mundi

Code-barres / Barcode : 3149020128251

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Reviewer: Adrian Horsewood

René Jacobs’s 1988 recording ... of Cavalli's opera Giasone (***), the plot of which focuses more on the Greek hero’s romantic dalliances than on the quest for the Golden Fleece; Cavalli's operas have enjoyed a revival of interest recently, but 25 years ago they were mostly unknown and (pace Raymond Leppard's Glyndebourne productions) unperformed. Relative unfamiliarity with the style might explain the under-characterised feel to most of the performances, with the exception of the ever‑brilliant Dominique Visse in a minor role; Michael Chance as Jason sings sweetly but a little limply at times; while the Medea of Gloria Banditelli doesn't summon up all the varied emotions that the role contains.

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